a Post-Production Technique

With our creative and talented teams, we offer our clients the services of localizing a dialogue into Kannada language thus bringing the content to life for Kannada audience.

Dubbing, mixing or re-recording, is a post-production process used in film making and video production in which additional language recordings are “mixed” with original production sound to create the finished soundtrack. Therefore, a movie shot in English may have the English dialogue replaced with actors speaking in Kannada language.

Adaptation and Casting

In addition to the actual translation and recording of dubbed audio, adaption and casting are vital steps to ensure your content is enjoyed in other languages. Adaptation is a technique of capturing the context and emotion of source material and creating the same experience in different languages. Using native speakers, we adapt the script to best match lip-sync movements. Casting is another critical task in maintaining character integrity across global markets by matching local voices to the original actors. We regularly recruit new talent to ensure the most diverse collection of voices, supported by seasoned Directors to get the perfect match for content and character.

Precision in Execution

While executing a Dubbing, first the original source audio is replaced with another language, matched succinctly with the speaker’s mouth movement. Word choice is extremely important in this case as the adaptor must find words that fit with the movements of the actor’s mouth while maintaining the meaning of the original script. As the most precise of the three styles resulting in the most natural effect for the viewer.

Apt Words and Perfect Synchrony

We provide multilingual dubbing services for movies, TV serials and programs, Cartoons, Games, Advertisements, Corporate Videos and Infotainment content. With highly skilled dubbing artists, we ensure lip synchronization and better voice quality. Our dialogue translators prefer colloquial words over literary phrases. We also work with Linguists, who have significant contributions to various dictionaries, to seek better choice of words to match the lip synchronization.

Efficient Workflow for Superior Quality

We follow a transparent work flow to make sure the client gets the best quality of dubbing services. After receiving the source script and source video, a linguist will be assigned for creative adaptation in Kannada language. After the adapted script is reviewed and approved, we identify a suitable dubbing artist from our talent pool as per the requirement of tone, sex, age and modulation. After selection of script and dubbing artists voices are recorded with professional direction. Video is then edited and mixed with dubbed audio track. International dubbing standards are followed during the entire process to maintain highest quality. The files are submitted to the client in required format. Following our smooth procedure gives our clients the fastest turnaround, superior sound quality and lowest prices. We understand the amount of efforts that go into creating the original video and hence we make sure our dubbing services justify those efforts.

Distributed Team, Latest Technologies

Dubbing services, we provide are professionally recorded at a recording studio to give the best quality. We feel proud to be asked to provide dubbing services for big or small projects. Our Dubbing directors, Sound engineers, writers and Dubbing artists are all native Kannada speakers with strong knowledge on latest Dubbing technologies.