Client: MyLang Books

About The Project: In the era of audio books, need of experts who understand Voice & Sound engineering is more than ever. And no surprise, we are already on the bus.

Listening is the new way of reading. We work to create audiobook. Audiobook is the reading of a book which can be a novel, poetry, self help, drama, fairytale, comic books, shorty story, biography, health, history, etc. We serve to produce any fiction or non-fiction book to audio book.

What we provide:

  • Audio Recording Studio Facility
  • Narrator (Voice over or Dubbing artist based on the project needs)
  • Audiobook production consultation (Ideas to convert a book to creative audiobook)
  • Dubbing Director – to record and direct the performance
  • End to End responsibility of Audio Book productions
  • Audio Output – .mp3, .wav, .wma, .aac or any other required format

Get to know more about our Dubbing and Voice-Over services.

MyLang is one our proud client whom we serve for their audio book productions. Get in touch with us to talk about your next audio book creation.