We undertake text, audio and video content translation projects from various domain such as Business, Corporate, Medical, Legal, Educational, Agriculture, Entertainment, Banking and Financial etc.

Competence and Technique

Our writers, who also happen to be polyglots, are proficient language translators too. We take special care of the constraints that include the context, the rules of grammar of both the languages, the writing conventions and the commonly used idioms. We ensure a balance of both the word-to-word and the paraphrasing of source text in our translations.

Localize Everything, Everywhere

We undertake text, audio and video content translation projects from various domain such as Business, Corporate, Medical, Legal, Educational, Agriculture, Entertainment, Banking and Financial etc. Our translations go through a thorough proofreading for quality checks before the product is delivered. Our team of translators includes native Kannada who are proficient in the language. They are skilled at providing optimal SME in translations for the respective domain the content belongs to. We also offer live translation services through audio/video conferences.

Fun, Pleasure, Leisure

Translation in Entertainment industry majorly includes TV Content, OTT Content, Advertisements and theatrical releases of movies. We provide services for translating dialogues for movie dubbing. Karnataka has 95% of Television penetration which opens us to an opportunity of translating TV content for most of the Kannada television channels. Kannada language has a huge user base in Digital payments, Online government services, Classifieds, Digital news etc. thus giving us an enormous scope for translation of the content on OTT. We do offer services in translation of advertisements thereby ensuring an enhanced reach into the Kannada advertisement industry.

Law, Civil and Cops

All documents pertaining to Legal activities in Karnataka must be in Kannada. Our translation services are equipped to translate all types of legal documents like Case Summaries, Terms and Conditions, Police Reports, Complaints, Evidences like Video/Audio transcriptions and letters, Contracts and Agreements. We also provide translator services for court sessions to assist non-Kannada participants.

Doctor, Patient and Reports

The growth of medical devices and pharmaceutical sectors especially in Research and Development has created a huge demand for localization of life sciences. Many institutes in Karnataka conduct research on various diseases like HIV, Cancer, Tuberculosis etc. We offer translation services of medical research papers, brochures, handouts, Clinical protocols, Study agreements and Contracts, Physician manuals, Case report forms, Patient reports. Our services also include translation of Medical labels, Dosage instructions and any other information from pharmaceutical companies on the medicine packaging. We also assist overseas doctors and experts with translators for conversing with local patients.

Brochures, Manuals, Tutorials

Demand for webinars and How-to tutorials in local languages by corporate organizations to convey visual/sound content to their target market drives for translation of such content. Our translation services include translation of Website, Software Applications, Video Games, Technical document workflows, User manuals, System manuals, Technical specifications, datasheets, Training materials of all formats, Business proposal, Product factsheet, Sales aids, Brochures, Financial reports and Regulatory materials, Investment-Performance-Market reports and Research Data. We also provide translators to interact with locals for corporate events thus enabling our clients to get closer to the people.

Science & Tech Academics

We provide translations services of Scientific articles and Technical documents, Product launch presentations and conferences, Research audio/video or documents, Course description, Research Papers, Lecture material, Academic publications, Online courses, Material Safety Data sheets, Glossaries, Scientific Encyclopedia, Mathematical puzzles, aptitude tests and more.

Agri-tech and Allied Sciences

The fast growth of Agriculture and its allied sciences has created the need for language services in this field. We provide translation services for Agri-based industry’s product manuals, marketing material, user guide documents/audio/video, Training and Technical manuals, articles, contracts, Food safety Plans and programs, Agri-related research papers, data manuals/audio/video materials, Campaign materials in Agri-sector like Brochures, Manuals etc. We also offer translation services for Agri-based websites and mobile applications

Common and Mainstream

India’s linguistic diversity alone provides the country with an inbuilt advantage in terms of generating future demand for language services, especially the translation services. We offer general content translation such as translation of Certificates, Letters, Emails, Immigration documents, Conference speeches, Press releases, Study materials and Curricula, Newsletters, Bulletins, Announcements and General application localization to Kannada.

Banking and Finance

Banking and financial Institutes require localization solutions which offer security of their confidential data and deliver accurate content. We have expertise in offering domain specific localization specific localization into Kannada for the banks and other financial institutes. We provide translations in the most accurate way to deal with sensitive content, while maintaining the tone and style. Internet penetration across mass markets has driven all mobile based payments. Localizing into Kannada will drive mass markets to engage with prime and secondary services offered by these institutes. Our services include translation of Consumer Banking apps/websites content, trading apps, various loans platforms etc.