An Off-Camera Production Technique

Through this Production technique, we offer our clients the best services in re-voicing an offscreen narration or using the voice talents to speak over the original language.

The voice-over is read from a script and may be spoken by someone who appears elsewhere in the production or by a specialist voice talent. Synchronous dialogue, where the voice-over is narrating the action that is taking place at the same time, remains the most common technique in voice-overs.

A Voice at Convenience

A voice over can be issued by a character in the story, address the viewer directly, and talk about events as they happen on screen. Additionally, a voice over does not have to take time to set up eye contact between the character speaking and the audience. Instead, the voice-over plays whenever it is convenient, and the audience knows that it is being spoken to and by whom. The usage of the voice over allows the filmmaker to more easily address the audience, since there is no need for the character to take a break from the action to address the audience.

Infusion of Voice and Visuals

The pairing of a voice over with visual aids carries over into the realm of fictional narrative. A voice over is made up of only audio information and though the maker is not required to include a visual counterpart, visual aids are often employed to better convey the message that the filmmaker is trying to push. Two popular ways that voice overs and visuals are used in collaboration are when characters are relaying information about events in the past or while a character is narrating his or her inner thoughts.

Flexible to Customize

We understand the client’s specific requirement of tone, voice modulation and attitude for various needs. We have a huge pool of professional voice over artists, talented Voice Over artists for the clients to choose from. For all our voice over services we have well equipped recording studios. For services like commercial and promotional campaigns, Voice Over if done right can entice the customer to buy the product. For IVR (Interactive voice response) we make sure that the voice does not sound robotic and distant to the consumer.

Our Workflow gets you the Best

Our transparent workflow ensures that the clients receive the best quality of voice over services. After finalizing the script, we quickly find the right voice actor through our deep search function as per the requirement of tone, sex, age and modulation. After selection of script and voice-over artists voices are recorded with professional direction. 

Voice-over all you want

We have excellent voice-over artists who are a strength behind delivering best quality of voice over services. We undertake voice over projects for – voice over talent casting, TV commercials, Movie trailers, Radio spots, Jingles, Imaging, Podcasting, Educational and E-learning, Business, Corporate Training, Mobile and Video Game, Audio Menu for IVR, On-Hold, GPS Navigation, Cartoon, Audio book, Voice Acting, Narration and Documentary and Lip Synchronization.

When editing and mixing our clients’ projects, we exclusively use Pro Tools, the most advanced and widely used recording platform in the world, so the client is guaranteed the highest audio quality.