Who We Are

Harivu Creations, founded by a group of professionals from diverse walks, pioneers the Kannada Localization Market.

It all started in 2013, when few passionate minds came together to dub a non-Kannada movie to Kannada and release it to nook & corner & thus became a part of history in Kannada film industry where it saw a dubbed movie after 40 years! Doors have opened for Localization market in Kannada.

Though we started our journey in sliver screen & did a quite a few of it, however we did spread our horizons. Now we provide services in all the verticals of Localization with the help from pool of motivated, creative in-house talents and strong network of subject matter experts, writers, linguists. To localize the World content into Kannada language for our clients across the globe, we are determined to leave no stone unturned at our work.

Harivu, meaning “Flow” in Kannada & we believe that let there be uninterrupted flow of content between languages! Also we can assist with our best capabilities possible if you are looking for a carrier to sail in that flow..